Smart Heritage Building Performance Measurement for Sustainability

The HBIM project is an institutional-link collaboration studying methods for smart performance measurement in heritage buildings, for sustainability and heritage preservation purposes.

In this project several building performance monitoring systems will be installed into selected heritage case study occupied buildings, and the data will be analysed for sustainability impact and building health effects. The results will be benchmarked against current heritage conservation and sustainable performance measurement best practices including: 3D Laser scanning; Thermography; pressurisation tests; physics simulation; and building pathology analysis.

Finally, the collected data, measurements, and analyses will be managed and displayed through a web portal for Heritage Building Information Modelling, which acts as a template for similar case studies, and demonstrates the results of each study.

Heritage BIM 2018 – International Conference on Heritage BIM

Heritage BIM 2018 is an international academic conference on heritage and technology, and the role of Building Information Modelling and heritage capture technologies in the conservation of built heritage and interaction with it. Organised by the University of the West of England and sponsored by the Newton Fund.

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This project is funded by the Newton Institutional Links programme managed by the Newton Fund. The Newton Fund uses science and innovation partnerships to promote economic development and social welfare of partner countries. It does this through collaboration with partner countries and working with 15 UK delivery partners that develop and run calls, and allocate and manage the funds they receive as part of the Newton Fund. This project was developed as a response to a call managed by the British Council, with matched funding from the Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF) in Egypt, which is an initiative by the Egyptian Ministry for Scientific Research, aiming to stimulate the Egyptian scientific society  by funding distinguished research papers and partnerships with scientists from countries with advaned research programmes.