CLUSTER: retrofitting requirements in old Cairo

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  • Overview and Historical Backroungd of the building

The chosen case study is an office located on the 3rd floor of a mix-use building in Downtown Cairo. The building is named ‘Rabbat’. It was designed by architects Léon Azéma, Max Edrei and Jacques Hardy. It was built between 1927-1930. It consists of two parts, connected through an L-shaped passage. Consisting of 8 floors, the building’s built area is about 2,670 sqm. Most of the decorative elements used are considered of the Art-Deco and Expressionism styles.

Figure 1 Rabbat Building (Captured by Clutser Team)
  • Location

The building is located at the intersection of  26th of July Street and Sherif Basha Street, Downtown, Al Fawalah, Abdeen, Cairo. The exact location of the building is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 2 Building Location (Prepared by R.A Esraa Abdelhady)