About HBIM Project

Repurposing and modifying occupied heritage buildings is key to the retention of a crucial heritage context for historic cities and sites. In this project, several building performance monitoring systems will be installed into selected Heritage case study occupied buildings in Egypt and the UK, and the results analysed. The results will be benchmarked against current heritage conservation and sustainable performance best practice including: 3D Laser scanning; Thermography; pressurisation tests; building pathology analysis.

The building performance monitoring will use low cost sensor systems, uploading to an open source web based spatial data management system, so that the whole can be scaled substantially, achieving significance and impact without significant cost.

The resulting website will act as a portal for Heritage Building Information Modelling, informed by the live case studies, and acting as a template for invited additional relevant case studies. The site will thus also become an exemplar educational and training tool, addressing key gaps in skills and knowledge that prevail in this sector. The educational institutions involved will define how these materials can be enhanced for self-paced open access education.