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Workshop: Heritage Buildings Interpretation, Curation, and Narration



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Heritage Buildings Interpretation, Curation, and Narration was a workshop held at the University of the West of England, attended by a number of participants from the UK and Egypt, brought together within a British Council-funded Institutional Links project run by Professor Lamine Mahdjoubi.
The event focused on heritage and technology, and the role of Building Information Modelling and heritage capture technologies in the conservation of built heritage and interaction with it. It was well attended by participants from both academic and professional disciplines, and saw presentations and on all facets of the digital heritage practice, including the use of digital technologies in heritage preservation, replication, data capture, management, and analysis. With a particular focus on how new digital technologies are being, or could be, deployed to assist in the understanding and conservation of sensitive sites.



L Mahdjoubi_Introduction

S Hawas_Regeneration Cairo

N Paley_Value of Replica

F Sierra_NFC Buildings Retrofit

J Counsell_HBIM Primary Interpretation of Heritage

S Clews_The Roman Baths Somerville_Three Dimensional Survey and Modelling