University of the West of England

The Centre for Architecture and the Built Environment at UWE Bristol, led by Prof. Lamine Mahdjoubi, is the leader of this project. They're in charge of the Hassell Drive case study, portal development, and are working on new ways of analysing, visualizing, and presenting data.

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University of Salford

The team at University of Salford are in charge of the Joule House case study, their expertise in building performance measurement is of central importance.

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British University in Egypt

The team at the British University in Egypt provides heritage and cultural information of the Egyptian environment, and runs the case study in Cairo University and Al-Nozha House.

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Cairo University

Prof. Sohier Hawas of Cairo University is responsible for listing and documenting "Valuable Buildings" in Cairo for governmental purposes. Cairo University provides assessment of the cultural significance of buildings in Cairo, and consults on selecting such buildings for study.

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